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Expert sources have reported for years that an effective risk management and compliance program should yield at least $4 for every dollar the program costs.

If it's such a clearly profitable approach, why can't vehicle sales and repair facilities create and maintain their own risk management and compliance solution?

  • Management doesn't consistently have the time to be effective
  • Managers have no way of knowing what needs to be done without monitoring regulatory changes
  • Most managers have no tools for tracking who has been trained, who hasn't, and when re-training is required.
In fact, business owners in this industry have learned that compliance and risk management is something you have to be good at to make it pay.

Compliance and risk management are difficult because no one in the business has all the disciplines that must be part of the process.
  • Current, effective written plans and policies
  • Effective, engaging training
  • Robust reporting and tracking tools
  • A strong MSDS management system
  • Tools to support day to day compliance
  • Expert support and answers when needed

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